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“Today I will do what you won’t, so tomorrow I can do what you can’t.”



WOTN 4th-8th Spring Basketball Update

After hopeful optimism that spring ball could emerge, we are disappointed to announce that WOTN will be cancelling our 4th-8th grade spring basketball season due to COVID-19.  For those of you who paid the team fees, we will be refunding throughout the next few days.

We would like to offer to put the $20 try-out fee and registration to next years 2021 try-out.  This would entail us moving your player up an age level and they would be considered pre-paid and registered for WOTN try-outs in 2021.   If you prefer a try-out refund simply email us at

Thank you for your patience and loyalty during this unprecedented time.  We have no doubt basketball players will rise stronger than ever in the upcoming months.  In this new normal continue to work on your game!  Check out our online video downloads for drills sure to keep you Wearing Out The Net at 

COVID-19 UPDATE-Reopening Individual and Small Group Training

To our Wear Out The Net Customers:

Wear Out The Net Basketball Academy will reopen for limited business offering individual and small group lessons by appointment only on Monday, May 18th.  Please contact the office at (952)469-5513 or email at or your trainer directly to schedule.  There are enhanced guidelines in place to ensure the well-being of our athletes as well as our staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the guidelines in place as we follow state and federal guidelines:

  1. WE WILL NOT allow anyone in our waiting area.  Only players and trainers will be allowed in the gym.  Sorry, but NO SPECTATORS allowed.  Please drop off your player at their scheduled time, with payment if needed or pay by credit card over the phone.
  2. Do NOT send your player early as our plan is to space out lessons to get the lesson before you out before you arrive.
  3. Please arrive dressed to train.
  4. Please bring your own water bottle as we will not be using our drinking fountains.
  5. Feel free to bring your own ball.
  6. After each lesson, the equipment will be sanitized.
  7. Anyone entering will be screened.
  8. Social distancing will be enforced at all times including training. 

We look forward to having you back in our facility and want to assure you that your training will occur in as safe an environment as we can provide.  We will continue to follow updated public health guidelines as these are ever changing. 

Please know that we value the game of basketball but value the safety of your child much more!  We would like to get back to training, but please evaluate your personal decision and know there is always a risk.  It is our collective responsibility to keep each other safe and healthy.  If the athlete feels sick, keep them home.  If they are at a higher risk of COVID-19 complications please do not train with us at this time.

Thank You for your loyalty!  Stay healthy and safe!

Randy and Jill Erickson and Staff


Getting Better Together... On Your Own

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Program Overview

2020 WOTN Summer Basketball Camps

SIGN UP NOW !  At this time, we are taking a maximum of 10 players at each mini camp.  If at some point state guidelines allow us more, we will open more spots.

WOTN Spring Basketball

       The mission of WOTN basketball is to provide young athletes the opportunity to bring their game to the next level in a competitive atmosphere. We focus on the complete player, putting as much emphasis on practices as games. It is imperative that the game remains fun and that the players stay respectful of themselves, their teammates, as well as their opponents. The game is simply that…a game. It is however a tool that parallels life in which much can be learned. We want our players to learn how to become better players and better people. Our coaches goals encompass teaching the skills of the game and encouraging players to become complete, disciplined athletes.

             "We are Wear Out The Net"

2020 MN Spring Basketball Tryouts

Please pay for Try-Out fee ONLY until you are placed on a team. 


2020 WOTN Wisconsin Spring Basketball 

Questions: e-mail Shannon Donnelly at


The mission of Wear Out The Net is to empower players and coaches, at all levels of the game, with the fundamental skills essential in promoting complete basketball players. We are committed to offering individual, small group and team training, camps, academies and spring teams to inspire all who step on the court.

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